in-session_cover-art_large_1Take control of your personal well-being and learn how to care for yourself while juggling the demands and stress of raising a family with Dr. Claire who is passionate about supporting, encouraging and teaching parents how to nurture and care for themselves so they can nurture their children. At In-Session with Dr. Claire, it’s a no-judgement zone, where we let go of guilt in parenting and focus on compassion, support, and information to inspire and teach moms and dads how to take care of themselves. Podcast topics include how to improve well-being and self-care through manageable self-care skills and strategies for busy parents. And topics also include the supporting roles of parenting, including balancing marriage/partnership, work, volunteering, friendships, in-law and family relationships, but most important, the focus at In-Session with Dr. Claire is on the well-being and self-care for you!

Episode 2: Self-Care and Well-Being: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Wellness Journey

So what is self-care? Self-care at its most simplistic definition is behaviors, activities and skills used to take care of oneself. Within every individual, there are many different dimensions; physical, emotional, mental/cognitive, social and spiritual. Each of these dimensions within a person requires care, attention, and behaviors to optimize overall health and well-being. Well-Being is Read more >

Episode 1: Self-Care, What it Is and What it Isn’t.

First let me ask you this, when you hear the word self-care, what do you think of and how would you define it? Maybe you’ve never thought of what it is or have a hard time even defining what it is. And find comfort that you are not alone. Self-care is a broad term used Read more >